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2009 years Projector There are many products market is worth our attention, from 1,499 yuan to 10,000 yuan level Newman projection TV 1080p projector market; from the LED brightness to 800 lumens

Light source Projector, the contrast ratio 200000:1 theater projector, let us see the future development trend of the projector. This paper products from the projector,

Technology The market etc. Looking into the new year, to sum up and the projector market trends.

Projector lamp as the only consumer

Consumables Expected, is the projector must be considered when choosing an important factor. Projector on the market widely used metal halogen bulb, UHE lamp, UHP three light bulbs. The advantages of metal halogen bulbs cheap, disadvantage is the short half-life, the general brightness of 1000 hours will be reduced to about half of the original. And because of the high heat, heat the system requirements on the projector high, not so long (4 hours) projection use. UHE lamp has the advantage of affordable, the use of almost 4000 hours before the brightness does not decay. As low power consumption, customarily referred to as cold light sources. UHE lamp is widely used mid-range projector ideal source. UHP lamp has the advantage of long life, generally more than 4000 hours of normal use, and very little light attenuation. UHP lamp is an ideal cold light source, but because of higher prices, generally applied to high-end projector.

In recent years, displays, high frequency of TV's "LED light" in CES2009 in a brand new appearance. At CES2009 Consumer

Electronic Show, LED light is widely used in many brands of projectors at home and abroad in, LED light source is also considered traditional metal halogen projector bulbs and high pressure mercury lamp popular new alternatives.

LED light source is as cold light source, compared with traditional light bulbs with low calorific value, 20,000 hours long life and other advantages. Therefore, the application of the LED light source can be mobile projector the size of the volume, but not as common as using the projector for about two years to replace the bulb. From the industry perspective, LED light source used in the projector as much as a technical upgrade.

We have reason to believe that, in 2010, with the technology, LED projector is still leading the development of the industry an important force.

Portability is another trend projection areas, handheld products will be the application of the projector once again to expand, business, home entertainment, tourism, could use such a product. Therefore, we can say, handheld products will be new business opportunities hidden, with broad space for development. Imagine, for insurance, real estate, banking, securities brokerage, and travel frequently to conduct presentations to explain the business people, their work environment and a speech presentation objects are often not fixed, in the past that the lack of projector light and flexible mobility to they are miserable, so as the application requirements of high technology development coupled with the projector makes it produce more and more sophisticated portable projector on the height of application requirements.

"Small"?? From 2005 has more and more use of LED as the light source of the mini-projector products are the major projector manufacturers rolled out from

Toshiba The LED light source DLP technology projector TDP-FF1A to sony, Epson's LED light source LCD mini-projector from Mitsubishi's PK-10 to the Infocomm2006 on display at the PK-20, although the LED light sources are used, but both DLP technology with 3LCD technology there, and all manufacturers are improving their products and upgrades, and strive to its small.

"Light"?? Projector weight has become a key indicator of the projector, the projector when the user purchase often ask: "It has multiple." Because of his relationship to the projector is portable enough for such a key issue. In the past to buy a portable business projector weight mostly in the 2-3Kg, but now the weight of the new portable projectors generally fell 2Kg the following, of course, we can not take the weight of only 0.5Kg the LED projector comparison, but weighs only 1 kg multi-projector has a very light.

"Thin"?? Now IT Products and home appliances are growing in thin, thin and often represent a higher technological content, like the sony T7 digital camera on only 1 cm thick, and like the TV and CRT display technology from the past into the present The LCD, PDP and as a ... ... and our daily life, business office closer and closer the projector is also inevitable thin up as portable computers to generate business

Notebook Like the more light the more business projectors.

Although a large luxury

scenes to bring visual enjoyment, but more to create the perfect high-definition projection highlight visual experience, with the projection industry, technology continues to mature, although the development of high-definition projector with only a few years But 1080p projector become mainstream, if that is an instant of time. 2009 million level 1080p projector concept appears, in just a few months time, there is up to 5 products to the market. As for the new year, million-level 1080p projector is still the mainstream market, but from the million-level 1080p projector will soon be listed on a price loosening of view, cheaper 1080p projectors will be in the new one years there. It can be predicted, high-definition projectors will also be highlighted an important trend in 2010.

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2010 projector preliminary analysis of market trends - Projector - Education Industry

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