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Beijing 2008 Olympics Will definitely be many exciting projects, but to watch a friend's very limited. Then if there is a large screen display device to give you an immersive experience, may be able to make up for the participation of regret you can not live. Therefore, I recommend to you several home

Projector Rated as excellent in the projector products.

Below the 5 home theater projectors are very high-end products, some of them in the pursuit of product quality is very sought after enthusiast circles. Recommend this to everyone is to the greatest extent possible, to make up for the Olympic Games less than a scene viewer regret, because it certainly has many fans among friends, they need to experience as much as possible the kind of immersive site atmosphere, I believe the author's recommendation will not let you disappointed.

Preferred home theater Marantz VP-11S2 projector

Reference price: 63,000 yuan Projectors are now many brands are introduced FULLHD projector can be said to 1080P Full HD home projector new release was a full-blown state, even Marantz AV area is also well-known brand in Japan released a second home with a new 1080P Projector-VP-11S2. For the Marantz brand, may be more or domestic friends heard its audio equipment, while the projector is no licensed product in China, but many fans have great affection for the brand of projector.

Marantz VP-11S2 projector Marantz (Marantz) new senior VP-11S2 DLP projector official debut, and before the introduction of the VP-11S1 compared to Marantz VP-11S2 has a higher image performance, the new version uses a new TexasInstrument of

DC 4 projection chip, this new chip is also the physical resolution of 1920x1080, but DC4 can enhance the contrast ratio as high as 30% of the original, so that VP-11S2 receive up to 15000:1 contrast ratio. VP-11S2 is a group used the SuperHighPressure 200W projection lamp, color wheel, and a new large-diameter shaft of fluid motor makes this machine has 6 times the normal DLP projector super-quick start, measured as the rotation speed of 10,800 rpm, more conducive to the screen color depth of coagulation.

Marantz VP-11S2 projector lens in the electric switch F6.0 aperture with outstanding contrast and brightness of F3.0 were two outstanding options. MarantzVP-11S2 Konica Minolta lens with a 1.45-fold optical manual zoom lens equipped with the direction of 165%, 85% under the direction of the lens shift function. The machine supports 70-250 inch projection, 100-inch projection screen, the shortest projection distance of 3.2 meters, with a short focal length of the projector features. Projection screen ratio, the aircraft provides a "full", "normal", "Zoom", "VStretch", "Through" and other five kinds of modes, 4:3 TV format, 16:9 video format, 2.35:1 The film format can be the perfect counterpart.

Base with a cast aluminum base, effectively preventing the radiation effects of clutter and external clutter. In addition, using the front suction and discharge structure, can avoid the heat shortage. All within the same time all with low noise cooling fan motor to reduce the noise of the work of the state.

As fully corresponds to the 1080P Full HD 1920x1080 FULLHD high projector, the aircraft equipped with a dual high-definition Personal Emergency HDMI1.3 interface corresponds perfectly with 1080P/24 signal. 12bit dual-drive chip digital processing to overcome the single-plate DLP projector "screen too dark," a common problem, black screen transition smoother, realized no less favorable than 3 LCD projector outstanding picture expression.

VP-11S2 also used for screen optimization part of many new technologies, the use of specialized semiconductor manufacturer Gennum's GF9351 chip, with its powerful 500 million floating-point operations per second capacity, providing high-precision video display ability. Has a lower video noise of the "FineEdge", progressive scan image of "True Motion HD", stressed the edge of the screen profile "FidelityEngine" and the rise of the image times the line frequency of treatment "RealityExpansion" and other 4 major functions, both high-definition BD, HD

DVD Or ordinary DVD signal can be the most optimized, high-precision large screen display to bring a sense of shock.

Marantz VP11S2 the sense of really shocking footage, the details of the Department of smooth delicate shading, brightness control in place, very engaging and, most importantly, will greatly reduce the sharpness of high definition, it is the first choice for home theater!

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Alternative Viewing Experience Full Hd Projector Home Top Recommendation

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Alternative Viewing Experience Full Hd Projector Home Top Recommendation

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