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Close to the most recent period in 2009, the overseas market is projected wave of new full HD home projector get together and launch a wave, the main projector brands have launched a new 1080P Home Projector Such as Sony, Sanyo, Mitsubishi and so brought out new products, so many people predicted the end of the industry's home projector market will be a new outbreak of new wars. In this new storm front, 3L CD The Epson projector market leaders sent a new flagship EH-TW4000 against.

Epson of Japan following the launch of TW2000 projector before (50000:1), the recently announced the launch of TW4000 Full HD projector (75000:1). Machine uses the entire black body, the Chinese mainland market which is expected in mid-December. Epson TW4000 projector biggest highlight of the two-speed drive using a new generation of 120Hz D7/C2FINE LCD panel, the panel model L3C07U-85G11, is a 0.74 inches FullHD 1920 × 1080 pixel full HD LCD panel, projector used DEEPBLACK technology, can achieve a maximum 75000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (automatic aperture mode, the previous generation TW2000 to 50000:1).

Addition to improved contrast and black spaces, the new generation of LCD panels to increase D7/C2Fine on the common in the LCDTV screen 120Hz dynamic compensation technology, the same principle with the LCDTV to make video feel more fluid. Together with a common top-level amplifiers, manufactured by the SiliconOptix HQVReonVX chips, will rise to 1,080 p video processing, better support for 1,080 / 24p input, and to upgrade the original 24Hz to 96Hz screen display. It is worth mentioning, is the TW4000 replaced 200WUHEE-TORL efficient light bulbs, to continue to provide the maximum brightness of 1,600 lumens, a larger viewing screen to meet the demands.

Epson TW4000 uses the latest Epson film filter chip, can provide effective color reduction can be achieved than 115% NTSC color gamut, in addition this product also incorporates Epson color adjustment technology ColorRealityIII, can dynamically adjust image gamma, gray scale, aperture effects, in addition also supports six-axis color adjustment, provides a range of 5,000 k ~ 10000k color temperature change of 11 rating. The machine also uses SiliconOptix production HQVReon-VX video processor, you can achieve high-definition degree I / P conversion, video noise reduction. The quality adjustment, the projector preset the dynamic, living room, theater, xvColor and other seven play modes, while users themselves can also set the save ten common mode. This Epson projector represents the best in technology panel higher density, so that the black bit performance significantly improved color performance and effects of both the details of the black bit upgrade.

Epson TW4000 projector equipped with a 2.1 optical zoom Shot (F2.0 ~ F3.17), support for up and down 96%, about 47% of the lens moving momentum, a very convenient place, or lifting the projector. Auto Iris can work 1 / 60 seconds to provide the most appropriate for each scene brightness, thereby enhancing a sense of contrast. Also provides automatic aperture projectors off / standards / high-speed three modes. Projector bulbs are used in the new development 200WUHE (E-TORL) bulbs. Epson TW4000 projector interface provides two way V1.3-HDMI output interface, while it also provides a Component, S video, composite video, analog RGB (D-Sub15), RS-232C interface, and so on, the projector work noise as 22dB (Low brightness mode). Its dimensions are 450 × 360 × 136mm, weighs about 7.5kg.

Epson TW4000 projector is expected to be listed in mainland China in late December, genuine licensed for sale at about 35,000 yuan.

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December listing Epson TW4000 Full HD projector - Epson, the projector-IT industry

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December listing Epson TW4000 Full HD projector - Epson, the projector-IT industry

This article was published on 2011/03/30