Discover and explore the use of LCD Projectors, DLP Projectors

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Technology is evolving at a revolutionary speed.  Whether it is latest computers, mobile phones or other electronic gadgets, you have the next best model coming in a very small time frame. Just like these electronic items, there are LCD projectors and DLP projectors that are bringing revolution in several areas.  Well, what is a projector? Defining it simply, a projector is an electronic device that projects image to a large screen from a video source.

LCD projector and DLP projector are very common and now could be found even at households.  Within the recent years, technology is advancing rapidly, and now a LCD projector and a DLP projector could be found with multiple features, high resolution capacity and longer life.  Let us now understand what a LCD projector or DLP projector mean.

LCD stands for Liquefied or Liquid Crystal Display whereas DLP means Digital Light Processing. These projectors are based on newest technology that is available in market. However, different manufactures are coming up with latest add-on features and increased resolution. Such modifications make these gadgets more special. LCD projectors and DLP projectors work on different technologies but share common working principle.

These projectors are used for several purposes such as for entertainment and business use. In homes people use a projector to get the cinema effect while enjoying the comfort of home. In business organizations, conferences, presentations and virtual meetings are facilitated using LCD or DLP projectors.

As far as the applications of these projectors are concern, they do a brilliant job. However, the latest sector which has got benefited from these projectors is education. Educational institutions are now adopting latest teaching aids to supplement their teaching and help students learn quickly and in a better way.

With LCD projectors and DLP projectors, web conference or satellite education can also be facilitated.  Especially, in the distance education or online study programs, projectors are facilitating effective studies. Students can attend live sessions from their homes or classrooms.

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Discover and explore the use of LCD Projectors, DLP Projectors

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This article was published on 2010/10/04