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Be installed by lifting Projector Although to save space and easy to operate, but often hung in the top of the audience, the resulting number of security vulnerabilities. Installer must be aware of what kind of building structure can be installed with debugging Projection Machine, and how to install. Usually, in order to successfully and safely in the ceiling to install a projector, the following steps are necessary.

Installation diagram Installed 1, determined according to projection screen projector is installed. Use the information provided by the manufacturer to find which location you should place the projector. This is to focus on some projection plane and the projection measurements. Most projectors have a lens, so you can make between the projector and screen from far to near distance is a scope. Industry best practice tells us that you have to place the projector within this range.

2, familiar with the projector lifting frame, to understand how it is connected to the projector, and familiar with the installation you will build the structure. Lifting frame to determine the center of the projector, and then preparing to migrate to the center of the ceiling. Carefully read the manufacturer's installation description, and then down it one step.

Third, analysis of the projector installed in this location is feasible.
1, carefully remove the ceiling panel in order to use the flashlight for illumination see clearly.

2, by examining the structure, determine an appropriate installation method.
3, verify that you are going to be used to support the projector and the support of the building structure integrity.

4, determine the signal cable and Power supply Wiring.
5, to consider the applicability of the installation; the regular maintenance period, how like a technician to the device and can only be lifted for maintenance.

4, mounting bracket 1, with a clear erasable pencil, mark the ceiling to determine the installation before the onset of the center.

2, in accordance with best industry practices in order to calculate the center of the previous center, set up and install an adjustable bracket or support body.

3, with a hanging wire board or pipe flange system has already been fixed on the markers can be adjusted on the scaffolds.

4, using a vertical, find the pipe flange focal length is below the ceiling tile to the regional.

5, punch a hole in the ceiling, making line pipe can be.
5, installation projector 1, according to your specific situation to choose a suitable catheter. The catheter is inserted into the ceiling ceiling tile in, and then spin into the pipe flange until tight enough and safe enough. Use of catheters in the stopper screw to be fixed.

2, on the odd projector hanger frame. The projector into the catheter until the rotating rack up tension.

3, find a projector hanger frame of the front, then turned the right angle, until he is on Projection screen .

4, the stopper into the pipe rotating screw to prevent rotation.
5, connect the adapter to connect the projector and projector support.

6, the projector and the adapter into the hanger in assembled.
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Lifting Projector Installed "jiuyangzhenjing" - Projector, Install - Video Industry

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