Projector Lamps – What Are The Different Types Of Them?

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There are many times that one is not aware of the projector lamp that he needs and still sets out to buy it. Here our aim is to give you s much information as we can on all types of projector lamps for sale. Did you know that a projector bulb dos not last forever and eventually will need to be changed? Well this is because it loses its power and goes out at some point of time making the images and their colors faint.

The contrast too will decrease over time.  When replacing the bulb as well you will need to know about what you need or else you could go terribly wrong with your choice. The best idea at this point would be to replace the entire projector lamp to ensure that everything goes smoothly. This also ensures that there is no damage to the bulb while replacing it. In most cases this is also the only way to make sure that you still are under the warranty of the seller.

Different types of projector lamps available:

There are basically three types available and they are overhead projector lamps, slide projector lamps and multimedia projector lamps.

  1. Overhead projector lamps – This is a projector that is often used in educational institutions which have large amount of students in the same class. The projector is basically placed under a very bright bulb. This brightness of the light send the image to a mirror within the projector which in turn makes the image larger and then sends it out on the empty screen as a large picture. This may eve be used by various business men if there is a business conference or meeting in the works. It makes a lot more sense to project the statistics rather than giving everyone handout or making several copies. Using this kind of a projector helps the presenter talk to the whole crowd as one and not at an individual basis. This kind of a projector is the cheapest in business.
  2. Slide projector lamps – This kind of a projector has a special area where slides can be inserted. These slides have to be 35 millimeter. Each of the image that is on this 35 mm slide will then be made to look a lot larger and then will be projected on to the screen that is large and blank. Again educational institutes as well as business professionals will find these kind of projectors to be incredibly useful. When using to see objects that are normally photographs, this is very helpful. This projector is slightly more expensive than an overhead projector lamp.
  3. Multimedia projector lamps – These kind of lamps are the most expensive of the projector lamps. This is basically a continuous stream from videotapes or reels of films or more lately DVDs. The images are then made to look a lot larger and the projected.  When you go to a movie theatre remember that this is what they probably might be using to show you the movie.
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Projector Lamps – What Are The Different Types Of Them?

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This article was published on 2011/01/06