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A projection in the field of entertainment do people talk about for years, although many products have claimed to be the market entertainment Projector , But in fact most of the entertainment industry application is not suitable, because they are but the business machine used as entertainment only. Real applications for the entertainment industry did not have many products designed one of the most professional when Sharp introduced several series of Digital China. More developed in the entertainment industry in the south, such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, KTV and bar famous brand of choice is the Sharp projector. The reason is that God yards and Sharp the unique needs of the entertainment industry accurately, from product design to follow-up service, can do to solve customer problems, and this achievement were established code of God, and Sharp H325, so God was set up code solutions for the entertainment projector benchmark, Sharp H325 as product benchmarking. This is why my paper all the reasons for using SHARP as an example.

Body Projector LCD TVs are gradually replaced as KTV bars and other entertainment industry and the user's new favorite. However, in the entertainment industry, due to special application environment, such as smoking crowded, the air in the smoke and tar is the projector's "killer", the general Projectors Sooner or later there will be spots, blurring the issue, while others are necessary to clean a few days, so that operators troublesome.

Therefore, how to choose their own entertainment projector needs to become confused a lot of entertainment industry customers. I carefully collect data in and visited senior members of the industry, the form below in the hope of the friends in the entertainment industry helpful.

Good ability to anti-smoke tar And education and business venues are different, in the entertainment industry is characterized by a large numbers of people smoking. General dust networks by blocking dust, while the tar is all pervasive. Therefore, the entertainment choices of the first element of the projector is to see whether the projector has a good ability of anti-smoke tar.

For LCD projectors, because the core of the optical components are exposed to air, if the tar attached to the LCD panel, will bring fatal damage to the projector, but also can not be effectively cleaned. Tar to prevent dust attached LCD panel cooling, a direct result of component temperature, accelerate aging. Once the LCD panel problem, replacement cost is equivalent to more than half the price of the projector. If we affect business, that loss is even greater.

And DLP projector side in the anti-smoke tar has natural advantages. As the case can be made of the sealed optical design, so that you can effectively block the invasion of dust. Such as Sharp's H325 all-enclosed all-metal internal optical engine, the complete elimination of dust and damage of optical movement. Titanium metal enclosed structure than the plastic structure, more durable, better heat dissipation, you can maintain long-term operation without distortion, anti-aging, anti aging; movement and better overall performance of dust-tar, and the overall longer life.

Rapid and efficient thermal design Projector using the process, its power supply, lamp and imaging systems will continue to generate heat, if not to the divergence of the heat out in time, will cause the internal temperature is too high, so that the projector's efficiency and effectiveness of the fall and even light bulbs may cause rupture. The cost is easily thousands of light bulbs, so, in order to extend the life of the projector, lower utility costs, efficient thermal design is also essential entertainment projector.

Features for the entertainment industry, Sharp in the H325 series models in innovative QuickPack intelligent frequency thermal protection system. The system can automatically adjust the fan speed of the internal temperature to ensure stable temperature within the chassis to provide a reliable picture quality. In order to avoid the core components of the first heat against, H325 within the DMD chip has a separate heat sink and fan Sharp original turbo conversion, so that life is more durable chip, up to 100,000 hours, so that imaging performance more stable.

Order to fan rotating at high speed while reducing noise, H325 series of projectors using the new catheter within the exhaust design, with optimized aerodynamics exhaust pipe, the operating noise to a more low level. It has been tested under normal circumstances the use of only 26-29 dB of noise, and whisper very quietly, to provide quiet audio-visual environment.

Simple maintenance, low total cost of ownership

General, most users choose a time when more is to look at the purchase price, with little attention to the overall cost of ownership after purchase, in fact, this is not a comprehensive procurement methods. Affect the overall cost of ownership projector main factors include the purchase price, lamp life, maintenance of LCD panels (LCD projector) and filter cleaning and replacement. In addition to price, other hidden costs that occurred after purchase even more cause for concern.

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Projector Purchase Plunge Entertainment Industry

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This article was published on 2010/10/13