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Projector Gives users a visual, auditory enjoyment. When you feel the charm of the projector at the same time, it noted that its

Maintenance And maintained? According to the projector using a different approach must pay attention to the appropriate use and maintenance methods to ensure more long-term use of the projector.

Projector common usage of the following three:

* Conference room to use a fixed plane

* Indoor Ceiling Use lifting * Carried out using

Three different methods used in the maintenance of the projector has its own characteristics.

1, regular use of conference room projectors use a fixed plane confidential note to connect, to avoid accidentally knocked

Power supply Cause abnormal shutdown. Tilt in the projection screen or when the deformation, adjustable

Machine Device Legs And the normal fixed position to the screen; machine work, not to block it through

Tuyere Affect the machine's heat.

2, lifting because most projectors are used with the screen upside-down function, which allows the projector to lifting the top of the housing use. Lifting the ceiling for indoor use in lifting the projector

Project , The following points should pay special attention to: calculation between the projector and the screen distance (to determine screen size) is appropriate; wall

Suspension The edge of the screen should be lifting the projector

Shot At the same threshold; projection lens center and the center of the projection screen in the same vertical line; selection of a suitable size to install hanger; fixed with screws

Bolt Tighten in place; adjusted after installation of the trapezoidal projection screen; After each use, make sure power is off.

3, portable use frequently carried out using the projector, the machine often is

Mobile And connect different input devices. In this case, the following points to note: long-distance mobile projector, must pay attention to the machine

Package . Projector shipment, shipping, try to use the original shock of the paper

Luggage Equipment; use of personnel can be coupled with hard carry box; portable, the projector can be installed in the soft quality

Backpack Within; mobile projector must gently, to avoid shocks lead to lens damage the body. Mobile use of the process, pay attention to the power and performance of different input devices may impact on the projector. If you need to constantly move the projector to use, then buy, consider buying the product compact and portable with a dedicated box.

To ensure the normal operation of the projector, regular inspection and maintenance is essential. Such as clean air

Filter , The projector's chassis has a slot or opening general, it is designed for the projector ventilation, the air intake with air filter, projector work, used to filter dust and pollutants, using a longer time, the filter will be the accumulation of dust on the slot gap, in order to ensure normal operation of the machine required to regularly use a suction vacuum cleaner suction openings, machine work, do not have the object blocking the ventilation fan. Clean air filters used for lifting the projector is particularly important maintenance, installation and subsequent user, special attention to dust.

Found damaged projector how to do? Users do not open their own repair and body (to avoid unnecessary trouble), need to be sent to specialized service centers, repair inspection by the professionals.

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Projector use and maintenance tips - projector, projector - household appliances

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This article was published on 2010/09/14