Samsung L300w Projector Only For The "sunshine Teaching"

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A surprising survey Show China has become the world's second largest country of myopia. The incidence of severe myopia groups concentrated in the young crowd, a national authoritative departments, Students Health Research results show that the prevalence of myopia up to 50% of our students Above .

Children's vision Status Worrying

Children's vision is worrying

Protection of visual health, eye exercises alone can not

Safeguard sight, eye exercises alone can not

With Projector Other high-tech products increasingly into the classroom, to allow students to see Clear Projection Screen display of course content, class time often pull down the curtains, so that classroom time in a relatively dark environment, coupled with Many Projection screen when the projector will Appear "Rainbow" phenomenon, these "light pollution" has an impact on the health of students in the new visual elements.

"Sunshine education" needs a more "health" of the projector

From Technology Point of view, the projector is completely out of "light pollution". Samsung L300W projector is to protect students on the absolute visual health of a master, 3000 lumens of brightness, both on a sunny day, or going to night classes at the lighted, L300W can use the high brightness of teachers and students, create a bright and comfortable learning, communication environment; and 1024 × 768 resolution to ensure L300W can be text, pictures and even video, clear, detailed shown and will not allow students to see too tired because of eye injury; The most important thing is L300W 3LCD technology used to broadcast the image more natural stability, the total elimination of the "Rainbow" phenomenon, the maximum protection of the teachers and students of visual health.

L300W, Samsung projector's Education Projection of the main models, adhering to the simple style of design, body pure white flow line design, visual effects become more prominent, with the slider design, low noise, high brightness, strong effects of other performance characteristics of dust is present projection of mainstream education.

More fitting for the Teaching of projection Need Samsung L300W projector design office will give full consideration to the special classroom environments?? Use a long time, more dust. L300W is a function of critical dust cooling, which uses the built-in slide Shot Cover design, not only dust, and to meet the rapidly switch machine and switch the screen at any time demand. Meanwhile, L300W Samsung projector followed the way of specific heat, heat in the projector placed on both sides of column, in order to ensure the machine in good working condition. In addition, the classroom environment on the work of the projector noise and image quality requirements are higher. Samsung L300W also can meet these requirements, compared with the same type of projector, it works very low noise, able to create a quiet classroom teaching environment to facilitate rapid access to study status of the students and focus them into school.

Addition to the above features, the Samsung L300W projector bulb on the ergonomic design is very unique, even if the machine hanging on the ceiling in the classroom can still easily replace the bulb, simply tighten the screw off lid ?? pull out the bulb?? easy three-step move and replace the light bulb, you can easily.

Recent phase, Samsung L300W projector with outstanding product quality, a number of human design, and comprehensive after-sales service, award a purchase order in the field of education, education in Guangxi Branch 700, 200, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, 100 primary and secondary schools Chashan Town, Dongguan, Guangzhou Economic Development Zone luogang dozens, Xiamen City agencies and institutions in one fell swoop Successful 2248000 ... ... As a Samsung projector L300W educational users said, "Samsung L300W is suitable for medium-sized classroom demonstration of optimum. The machine excellent performance, excellent quality and good applicability, as Our customers buy an important basis of education. "

Education, people-oriented. Students eye health should be the measure of the modernization of education, which requires the joint efforts of all aspects of the community also needs us?? The provision of teaching equipment businesses who have a stronger sense of social responsibility. Talking about the Education Projectors We call for more dust thermal performance, low noise, clear picture quality and features with eye care products!

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Samsung L300w Projector Only For The "sunshine Teaching"

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This article was published on 2010/09/28