The Benefit Of Home Projectors

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Projectors are becoming as sought after in the home as they are in the workplace. There are several types of projectors; opaque, LCD, slide, laser and portable. To determine which home projector is best for you depends on what it will be used for. They are widely used for entertainment and presentation. The simplicity of projecting an image onto any surface can transform dull family photos into a home theater experience.

Often referred to as a magic lantern projectors have been around since the 17th century. From the 1950s to the 1970s slide projectors, in the form of slideshows have been a source of family entertainment. Since then slides and transparencies have been replaced by digital images. As the technology of projectors advance incandescent light bulbs with halogen lamps are replacing opaque, whose light source is limelight. However all projectors are not created equal.

For families, home movies and still photos are a major use of home projectors. The movie projector was once a staple in many households. This type of projector uses film strips. Other families opt for the video projector which connects to a computer sending a signal between the projector and computer. A home projector is also an inexpensive alternative to the flat-screen LCD television and can produce comparable high quality output onto a wall or large surface.

Home based businesses can also benefit from using home projectors. The use of LCD projectors allows people who have home offices to present presentations that virtually jump off the screen. Available in 720 and 1080 pixel formats, LCD projectors are bright enough to forgo dimming lights and closing blinds. Delivering presentations from the comfort of home has never been so easy and efficient. Also many home projectors are lightweight and portable.

Projectors are growing in popularity due to various types to choose from and inexpensive price tag. For those comfortable using computers, the video projector can be easily connected using a VGA cable. For others, a digital projector may be more effective. Manufacturers such as Dell, Sony, Sanyo and Panasonic have cornered the market in producing and selling home projectors. The cost can range from as little as $197 up to $17,000. The lamp life also varies depending on the projection type.
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The Benefit Of Home Projectors

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This article was published on 2010/10/12