The Disadvantages of DLP Projector

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DLP projector will give you an advantage of the high resolution and also a screen that will be adjusted to every size that you want. DLP projector along with the LCD projector is portable and also will be taken everywhere and also does not need the permanent place in being set up just like the HDTV does. The DLP projector is considered by some to be the higher quality than the LCD projector; but there will be several cons to the DLP projector that should be taken into the account when it will come time in deciding the home theater options to go with.

The Fan Noise

The DLP projector will tend to have the fan that will be a little loud at the times. The good sound system will make the unnoticeable, but if you try in watching something at the night when anyone else is asleep, you need to be advised.

The Rainbow Effect

Most single chip versions of the DLP projector will cause the rainbow effect. The rainbow effect will show up just like flashes of the color when the bright white will appear against the dark background. It defeats the all purpose of the good picture quality. When you are purchasing the DLP projector, you need to make sure that it will not be the single chip version.

The Screen Door Effect

A screen door effect will sometime occur on the lower-resolution DLP model just like 720p or lower. A screen door effect will cause the artifacts to appear on s picture; it means that it will make what you re watching to appear in being pixelated. The pixels will not annoying to look at and also ruin an overall picture quality.

The Lamp

The lamp on the projector will run out quickly. As the result, a picture will dim just like the lamp will get older and will also need to be replaced. When a lamp will dim, the picture quality is diminished.

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The Disadvantages of DLP Projector

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This article was published on 2010/10/18