Usage Of Dlp/lcd Projector In Today Education

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Effective communication is the base of modern education and interactive technology such as DLP/LCD Projector is becoming integral part of modern-day classrooms as it provides teachers as well as students with complete freedom in the manner they share information, charts ideas, images et cetera.

Projector, educators one of the best techno friends, takes teaching and learning to a new height and makes improves students engagement in the classroom by making the environment more colourful and resourceful. Visually presented teaching content is truly rewarding for students for the simple reason that it can help in both information processing as well as its retention. Even students sitting in the last row can easily see bigger images produced by a DLP projector on a screen or any other flat surface.

Available projectors can be broadly classified into two categories, namely digital light processing (DLP) and liquid crystal display (LCD). Both type of projectors, DLP projector and LCD projector can be seen in modern classrooms as both are capable of seamlessly delivering multi-dimensional syllabus to a large number of tech savvy students. However, DLP projector is preferred in educational settings, thanks to its comparatively smaller size and lighter weight that makes it easier to handle.

An educator can use a DLP projector or an LCD projector to show small piece of information such as a small map or different locations in the map in close detail to a large class of students. A DLP or LCD projector is a boon for teachers as they can keep a vigil on the whole class and maintain an eye contact with students all time because they do not have to turn around and write.
Integration of text with audio, video aids with the help of a projector can make topics of discussion in a classroom lively. Moreover, digital imaging-based presentations, web excursions and interactive simulations also become possible with a DLP or LCD projector.

Multi-purpose DLP or LCD projector can be used to magnify and display pre-prepared study material. It device allows educators to create notes, diagrams, tables and all that, and the educator and students can make use of these study materials anytime, again and again, so that one do not have to resort to the traditional note taking. Projector transparencies are compact, which make them easy to store as compared to other types of visual aids such as charts.
Unlike most of the other projected visual aids, a DLP/LCD projector does not require a room to be darkened. It can be used in any sort of room, except in the direct sunlight.
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Usage Of Dlp/lcd Projector In Today Education

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This article was published on 2010/11/17